Roquetes (Tarragona), September 26, 2013. — On the 10th of September, the Board of Trustees of the Ebro Observatory, appointed Dr. David Altadill Felip as new director of the center.

David Altadill Felip was born in Tortosa, is 47 years old and holds a PhD in Physics. He has been associated with the institution since 1994. Over the years he has worked mainly in research on the Earth's ionosphere. Most recently he has been responsible for the Antarctic Project of the Observatory and the European Project SWING, which aims to create an European network for emergency communications.

The new director of the Ebro Observatory is replacing Juan José Curto Subirats, who has been directing the Observatory for the past four years. Dr. Curto, who is a civil servant of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), will continue to work at the Observatory as a researcher.

The new director's main objective is the economic consolidation of the centre to ensure its sustainability. Also, he will work on the reorientation of the activities with the aim of enhancing the transfer of knowledge, outreach, heritage preservation and to ensure the continuity and reliability of the observations, which have been continuously made for over a century.